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Types of Semi-conductor
February 1, 2019

Atomic structure of Silicon and Germanium Silicon atomic number is 14. It means there are 14 electrons present in one Silicon atom. So, electronic configuration of Silicon is K=2, L=8, M=4. Germanium atomic number is 32. So, electronic configuration of Germanium is K = 2, L=8, M = 18, N = 4. It has four valence electrons (lone pair of electrons) in their […]

January 30, 2019

Photo-diode: It is define as P-N junction diode which converts light energy into electrical energy. It is connected in reverse bias configuration. It has small amount of reverse saturation current (in nano-amperes) which is produced due to thermally energy (light energy).   Types of Photo-diode PN photo-diode Schottky photo Diode PIN photo-diode Avalanche Photo-diode Important features of Photo-diode are following: It can turn […]

January 29, 2019

On the basis of electrical conductivity, materials are divided into three parts which are following: Insulators: In this type of material, the valence band electrons are tightly attached to their nucleus, because of this there is no free electron in conduction band. The energy gap between conduction and valence band of the material is large. Insulators has negative resistance-temperature coefficient because with increase […]


Research is going on at MIT to store renewable energy in liquid silicon and use the molten silicon to provide power to the grid when needed. Renewable energy such as solar and wind energy is used to heat liquid silicon to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and when electrical power is required it convert heat energy to electrical energy. The researcher is saying that this […]

Electromagnetic Relay
November 7, 2018

Relay A relay is an electrically operated (required DC voltage to operate) switch that allows you to turn ON or OFF a circuit which has higher voltage or current than a micro-controller could handle. Electromagnetic Relay: Relay work on the electromagnetic principle. The DC supply magnetizes the coil of the relay. The field attracts an iron armature, whose other end pushes the contacts […]

Updated features of Android Studio
September 26, 2018

Android Jetpack It will help you to develop more advance Android application easily. It will handle more things automatically like boilerplate code, simplify complex tasks. It also offers backward compatibility.   Android Jetpack Components Foundation – It is a Kotlin extension which supports automated testing, core system capabilities. Architecture – It will help to manage UI component life-cycle, handle data persistence. Behavior […]

Android Emulator
July 3, 2018

Android Emulator Android Emulator uses Android Virtual Device (AVD) to create different configure devices or hardware to test or run your Android application on various Android devices virtually. Suppose you have developed an Android application and you want to test your application on different devices like Nexus, Pixel and self-configurable devices or different hardware like Android watch, TV and so on. But you […]

IR Receiver Modules (TSOPXXXX)
June 26, 2018

IR Receiver Module : It receives the information from the infrared rays (have wavelength is from 800 nm to 1 mm  and it is not visible to human eye) which is send by the IR Transmitter Module. It is used for remote control operation in electric devices like Air Conditioner, Television, DVD and many more.   Version of IR Receiver Module : TSOP22XX […]

Digital Multimeter
April 15, 2018

Digital Multi-meter is used to measure various electrical parameter like voltage, current, resistance, capacitance and it also used to test connectivity,  transistor, waveform, etc and show value on digital display. Digital Multi-meter is one of the basic tool of electrical and electronics engineer which they used to design electrical and electronics circuit. It is also used by various electrical mechanic in repairing process.Depending […]

Download Android Studio
April 10, 2018

Remember: Before doing these steps you have to Setup JDK. If you have successfully done this then you follow the steps given below. Step 1: Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by and IntelliJ. You have to search “Android Studio” in your favorite search engine and click on the first link or you can directly click on this link Download Android Studio.This […]