Arduino Uno Picture

Arduino Uno

An Arduino Uno is an open source hardware which is developed by three students of Italy. It is used to develop many small or big projects. It is quite famous for easy programming and implementation among techie.

Arduino Uno IDE

Arduino IDE Install

IDE stands for Integrated Development Environment. An Arduino IDE provide user interface to write program in high level language on your computer and convert it to machine language than upload to Arduino hardware.

Arduino Uno Picture

Arduino & LED

Basic project to connect LED (Light Emitting Diode) with an Arduino and write program for it to create beautiful LED blinking project. Detail information about the function which are used in programming. Code use in this project is also given.

Arduino Uno with LED

Arduino & LDR

Basic project to connect LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) with Arduino.      

Arduino Uno with motion sensor

Arduino & PIR Sensor

Basic project to connect PIR(Passive Infrared Sensor) with Arduino. It will help to detect the motion of the living thing i.e human being. Many project are based on this like thief detection system, Automatic light ON and OFF system, Targeting System and so on.      

Arduino Uno with variable resistor

Arduino & Variable Resistor

Basic project that will give you idea of connection a variable resistor to an arduino board and get output at serial monitor of arduino IDE. Projects like control of  the speed of DC motor, Control the motion of Servo motor, LED fading with variable resistor and so on.      

Arduino Uno and servo motor

Arduino & Servomotor

Basic project to connect arduino with servomotor and get the output of angle on the serial monitor of arduino IDE. Servomotor are used where you need precise movement. So, project like door lock system, various robotics projects and so on.