Download Android Studio
April 10, 2018

Remember: Before doing these steps you have to Setup JDK. If you have successfully done this then you follow the steps given below.
Step 1: Android Studio is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) developed by and IntelliJ. You have to search “Android Studio” in your favorite search engine and click on the first link or you can directly click on this link Download Android Studio.This link will take you to the official download page of Android. Then click on download button. If you have Operating system other than Windows then scroll down the official download page and go to “Select different Platform” under this section you will see Android studio for Windows, Mac and Linux.
Android IDE download

Step 2: As you click to download it a pop-up will appear it will ask to accept terms and condition. Read terms and condition scroll down tick accept then hit download button. Software will start downloading. How much time it will take depends upon your internet speed. So, you have time to rest.
Step 3: Click to “Open” the downloaded folder. An Android Studio setup will appear on the screen. This will guide you through the installation of Android Studio. Follow the instruction given in the guide.
Android IDE installation process

At end “Complete Installation” window will open. It will give you three choices:
1. Import my settings from previous version: This is for the user who had already installed android studio older version. By selecting this option they can import all the setting they have done in the older version.
2. Import my settings from custom location: If the users have saved the setting in specific location. They can easily navigate to their settings folder.
3. I don’t have a previous version: Note: You need to select this option. If you are first time installing android studio IDE. In this way you can easily installed An Android Studio IDE on your operating system. It’s time to take some fresh air.

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