IR Receiver Modules (TSOPXXXX)
June 26, 2018

IR Receiver Module : It receives the information from the infrared rays (have wavelength is from 800 nm to 1 mm  and it is not visible to human eye) which is send by the IR Transmitter Module. It is used for remote control operation in electric devices like Air Conditioner, Television, DVD and many more.


Version of IR Receiver Module :

  1. TSOP22XX
  2. TSOP24XX
  3. TSOP44XX
  4. TSOP48XX

Pin Diagram of IR Receiver Module:

TSOP 48 and 44
    TSOP 48 and 44
TSOP 22 and 24XX
    TSOP 22 and 24XX







Block Diagram of IR Receiver Module:

IR Receiver Block Diagram
Block Diagram of IR Receiver


IR Receiver Module has two part photo-detector and pre-amplifier in one package.

  1. PIN Diode : It is a semiconductor device act as a variable resistor which detect light (Radio Frequencies and Microwave frequencies) and convert light signal into an electrical signal.
    P Region – P type-semiconductor , I Region – Intrinsic RegionPIN diode RegionPIN diode layers (Region)


    N Region – N type-semiconductor Note : P and N region of PIN diode is heavily doped.

    PIN Diode  : 1 Terminal is cathode and 2 terminal is anode. 
  2.  Automatic Gain Control (AGC) The AGC stage ensures that the receiver module is insensitive to disturbance signals. It adapts the system sensitivity to the existing noise or disturbance level by changing the gain of the amplifier.
  3. Band Pass filter It is a circuit that passes frequencies within a certain range and rejects (attenuates) frequencies outside the range.
  4. De-Modulator It is an electronic circuit that is used to recover the information content from the modulated carrier waves.
  5. NPN Transistor It is used to amplify the electric signal that comes from de-modulator circuit. Transistor is also used for switching.
  6. Control Circuit It is used to control the AGC and De-modulator with the help of band pass filter circuit. Use to reduce the unwanted signals and save the information.
IR Application Circuit
IR Application Circuit

IR Receiver has three terminals or Pins i.e Vs, OUT and GND. If  input voltage Vs more than 2.8 volt (depend on manufacture. So for more detail see the datasheet of your TSOP ) than there is no need of R1(Resistance) and C1(Dielectric Capacitor). If Vs < 2.8 volt than add a dielectric capacitor, positive terminal to Vs and negative terminal of capacitor to ground pin. Connect R1 resistor in series with voltage source.


Testing of IR Receiver module using Multi-meter:


IR Receiver Module Testing

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