Next Generation of Storage Electrical Energy- Liquid Silicon
December 9, 2018

Research is going on at MIT to store renewable energy in liquid silicon and use the molten silicon to provide power to the grid when needed.

Renewable energy such as solar and wind energy is used to heat liquid silicon to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and when electrical power is required it convert heat energy to electrical energy. The researcher is saying that this system will reduce the cost of energy storage – cheapest grid energy storage till date.

An advantage of hot liquid Silicon

Hot liquid Silicon at high temperature, it is non-corrosive nature on the other hand metal salt at high temperature becomes corrosive.

Construction and Working

There will be two tankers, one will contain hot molten silicon, and other will be at a low temperature. Small arrays of a tube will connect these tankers.

The tanker, one have an array of tubes connect to it which is used to heat the molten silicon with the help of solar energy. As molten silicon reached to high temperature, silicon will become shinier. Now, as the power required to the grid. This hot molten silicon is then passed using to an array of tubes. This array of a container will emit light like the sun. Then by using multi-junction photovoltaics cell light energy will be converted into electricity.

Liquid Silicon System

Energy conversion in this system

Light Energy ——>Heat Energy——–>Light Energy ——->Electrical Energy






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