Vacuum Cleaner

Repairing of Vacuum Cleaner

When a vacuum cleaner fails to clear the dirt effectively, we think of replacing it with a new one. But troubleshooting a vacuum cleaner is not a so difficult task. When a vacuum cleaner begins to perform ineffectively there are three main areas that need to be considered namely poor suction, still brush and no power supply. Other than these three areas, there are other parts of the vacuum cleaner which is worth considering. These are the vacuum cleaner belt, clogging of the hose, vacuum filter etc. now before you start troubleshooting your vacuum cleaner, it is very important to detect what actually is wrong with your vacuum cleaner. Once we are aware about the faulty parts ha are causing the problem then repairing it is easy.

As most of the vacuum cleaners problem are not problems at all. Following are some steps that will guide us on troubleshoot/repair the vacuum cleaner:
1.  If the belt is not good then we have no other choice rather than to replace it with a new       belt. It is not possible to repair a belt. Installing a new belt is not a difficult task. Turn over the vacuum cleaner and unscrew the plate so that you face the brush. Remove the old belt which connects the agitator brush and the drive shaft and install the new one.
2. Check the agitator brush for any thread or hair that could be tangled in the brush. Use a scissor to cut them out. And make sure that it is spinning properly with ease. If the brush in worn out then replace it with a new one.
3. If your vacuum cleaner is not sucking up the dirt effectively then it could be due to a clogged filter or hose or a moist bag. Cleaning the filter and the hose can increase the cleaning efficiency of the cleaner. If required replace the filter that will enhance the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.
4. If there is no power supply to the vacuum cleaner then check of any discontinuity along the wire. If possible replace the breakers and mend and discontinuity along the line or you can check the motor condition, if it burn replace the motor.
5. Check the vacuum hose for any holes. A vacuum hose with a hole will face suction problem. So if there is any hole on the hose than repair it by parting a tape on it.