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Battery is an electrical device which consists of two or more voltaic cells connected in series to provide constant DC voltage. Cells are made up of electrodes (Cathode and Anode) and electrolyte (Acid or Base).

Electromagnetic Relay

Relay  is an electrically operated (required DC voltage to operate) switch that allows you to turn ON or
OFF a circuit which have higher voltage or current than a micro-controller could handle.


It is defined as the property of the conductor due to which it opposes the flow of current and that material which have this property are called Resistor.

Washing Machine

Washing machine problems are of various types. However, there are certain common washing machine problems which many people have to face.

Electrical Network

Any arrangement of the various electrical energy sources along with the different circuit elements is called an electrical network.


When a vacuum cleaner fails to clear the dirt effectively, we think of replacing it with a new one. But troubleshooting a vacuum cleaner is not a so difficult task. When a vacuum cleaner begins to perform ineffectively there are three main areas that need to be considered namely poor suction, still brush and no power supply.


A tower / equipment connecting to the general mass of earth by means of an electrical conductor. A low resistivity wire is connected to ground to protect the electrical equipment or power system during fault condition. It is third wire in every electrical equipment which need protection.

Motor Driver 

It is a DC or stepper motor driver which help to driver motor in clock-wise direction or anti-clock direction. It receive command from micro-controller act on the command with logical circuit inside it and gives output to the motor.